January 31, 2012

Evolution Grille

          About two weeks ago my wife and I went to Evolution with a group of friends on my dads recommendation.  I first have to tell you this place is in Sarver PA about 30 minutes north of Pittsburgh but I thought I would review it anyways.  I am not saying that my dad doesn't know good food but I was skeptical that being that this place is in a strip mall it wouldn't have food that I liked.
          We got there around 6 and the place was pretty quiet which got me scared.  We were seated and the server told us the daily specials and we ordered our appetizers.  For our appetizers we got the crabmeat bruschetta and the potato peiroghi for the table.
          The appetizers came out and the bruschetta was big enough to eat for an entree.  The lump crabmeat is sauteed in a garlic butter and put on top of a sliced ciabatta bread along with ripe chopped tomatoes.  So simple but so good, after I tasted this I knew my original opinion of the restaurant was wrong.  The app was light and refreshing with the sweetness of the crab along with the bite of the garlic and tomatoes, its just classic Italian flavors.  The peiroghi were good but nothing out of this world, they were cooked in butter and topped with caramelized onions and sour cream.  I am Polish so I think I know my peirogies, but I could be wrong.  They were fresh made and the filling was cheesy and tender.  The bread basket also came out at that time and my wife told me I had to try it, the butter was a carmel amaretto butter and it was out of this world.  The waiter told us that they change the flavors of the butter all the time and my dad said he has never had the same flavor twice and they are always good.
          After a few minutes our entrees came out, my wife and I both got the same thing the seafood pasta.  The pasta in this dish was a hand cut Pappardelle pasta, you could tell they were fresh and not out of a box and they had a nice al dente texture.  The seafood in the dish were shrimp and scallops, they were cooked perfect.  The scallops were fork tender and the shrimp were a nice pink color and cooked just through and not rubbery like they can become.  This all was topped with a sherry cream sauce which tasted like an alfredo sauce.  I loved this dish, the only suggestion I have is more seafood in the dish, there were only four shrimp and three scallops in the dish.  At the end of the meal I couldn't finish it all and I never leave food on the plate.
          So in the end I would say that this place would be able to hold its own down in the city.  I was skeptical going in but when we left the place was packed and people were waiting out in the cold for food here.  In my opinion I would say that it is well worth the drive out of the city and you will be very surprised.  I guess I have to tell my dad his restaurant choices aren't all that bad (or I can keep that to myself).

Overall 7.5 of 10
Food 8 of 10
Price 8 of 10
Service 7 of 10

123 Mulone Drive
Sarver, PA 16055
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