February 25, 2012

Station Street

          So after a rousing game of bowling that I scored a manly 66 (hey its one of Pittsburgh's best athletes number) we decided to go get some hot dogs.  I have been wanting to go to Station Street since they have opened.  I knew Kevin Sousa would be doing something great with hot dogs after trying Salt I expected nothing less.  We got there around 7:30 and as soon as we ordered and sat down Kevin Sousa was leaving Station Street to put the finishing touches on his new restaurant Union Pig and Chicken.
         Anyways back to Station Street I got the chili dog and duck fat fries and my wife got the house dog and regular fries.  Everything about this place screams 60's hot dog shop.  It is wide open and has all the old tile on the walls and you just feel like you are in the past until you get your hot dog.  My chili dog was really good, the casing on the dog had a nice snap and the brisket chili was very thick so it wasn't running down your arm and getting all over your clothes. The onion on top gave it a nice crunchy texture.  The dogs are big too, they overhang the but on both side.  The duck fat fries to tell you the truth I couldn't taste much difference from the regular fries.  All the fries are fresh cut and the only complaint I have was for every nice crispy fry I got I also had a limp under done fry.  They were good either way but I don't know maybe I over hyped this place in my head.  My wives dog was good also, she like it a lot other than she didn't notice that it had siriacha on it and couldn't figure out why it was hot.  She ended up taking a napkin and trying to wipe as much off as she could.
          Would I go back?  Yep.  In the end its hot dogs and fries.  However very good hot dogs and fries.  What goes together better than a bad game of bowling and a nice fresh hot dog to brighten up your spirits.  Its simple from the man that brought you Salt of the Earth, he went 180* the other way and succeeded on both.  I hope he goes 3 for 3 with Union.

Overall 8.5 of 10
Service 9 of 10
Food 8 of 10
Price 9 of 10

6290 Broad St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15206

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