September 12, 2011

McCormick & Schmick's

          I got a gift card awhile back for McCormicks so this past Saturday my wife and I went down to the one in the South Side Works.  We had reservations for 6 and when we got there we were seated right away. 
          The first thing you notice is the restaurants atmosphere it almost seems like two different places.  The bar had what seemed like every college football game that was being played that day.  The actual dining room was very nice and quiet (but you could still see the games always an A+).
          Our waiter came over and told us the daily specials, one was a Wild Blue Marlin and the other was a Grilled Pork Tenderloin.  He took our drink and starter order and we decided to get the Crispy Buttermilk Fried Oysters ($9).  They have a really nice selection for their raw bar if that's what you are into, I haven't gotten that brave yet.  He came back with our drinks and we were ready to place our entree orders I got the Marlin special ($23) and my wife got, surprise surprise, the Buttermilk Fried Jumbo Shrimp ($20). They also have a seasonal menu that changes all the time.
          They oysters came out and looked great, there were four of them over a bed of coleslaw drizzled with a poblano tartar sauce.  This was my first oyster experience and I must say they were very good.  The tartar sauce tasted almost like a honey mustard sauce and the oysters had a nice salty ocean flavor.  When the oysters were paired with the tartar and slaw it really all came together, the oysters were creamy and salty the tartar gave it a sweet hint and the slaw gave it that nice crunch. 
          Our mains came out and my wives meal looked like any fired shrimp you could get at Chili's, 6 jumbo shrimp over a bed of fries with a side of cole slaw.  The shrimp were good and fresh, the fries were crisp and hot and the slaw was almost a Primanti's slaw just vinegar and cabbage.  My marlin was great and I am not a fish guy.  I wanted to try something new, and the waiter said this is a good fish to try if your not a huge fish person.  The fish was about an inch thick and it was grilled and topped with a chipotle BBQ sauce.  The sides for my dish were green beans and mashed potatoes.  The star of this dish was the fish for sure, it was very moist for a grilled fish and didn't have an overbearing fish taste and wasn't overly oily.  I would recommend this kind of fish for anyone that wants to start out trying fish.  The BBQ sauce had a nice balance of heat and sweet, just enough heat to get you in the back of the throat after you get done eating.  The sides weren't anything special, the green beans were steamed and were screaming for some type of flavor there was nothing it needed something.  The potatoes were velvety smooth but they were nothing over the top. 
          Overall if you want fried shrimp the quality is better than anything I have gotten out to eat, but the bar down the street will give you it for half the price but the quality will be less than half as good.  If you are looking for a nice fresh piece of fish I haven't had much better unless you go to Wholey's and cook it yourself.  Would I go back?  For a special occasion yes, just for a night out probably not.  The price is just a little high for just a random night out.  But hey this is coming form someone who's first choice is never fish.  If you are a fish person this is the place to go.

Overall  8.5 of 10
Food 9 of 10
Service 9 of 10
Food 7 of 10

2667 Sindey St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15203

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